Clean Boss Pro Disinfectant Sprayer

The Gas Powered Clean Boss Pro Disinfectant Sprayer will allow you to clean larger areas more often and in less time. It is engineered specifically to fight the Corona Virus.

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Clean Boss Pro Disinfectant Sprayer is ideal for cleaning and sanitizing public spaces at schools and universities, hospitals, doctor offices, hospitals, shopping malls, stadiums, business areas and much more. It is designed to be easily transported as the 304 stainless steel frame is forklift ready to be lifted into your vehicle.

This 48" x 45" x 27" gas-powered disinfectant sprayer will spray up to 9.6 GPM and has an an impact resistant hose reel with 100 feet of hose suitable for chemicals. Each tank comes standard with an integrated fresh water flush system so you can easily clean your tank and plumbing on-the-go.

Clean Boss Pro Disinfectant Sprayer Specifications

Tank Capacity 100 Gallons
Length 48"
Width 45"
Height 27"
Motor Type GX200 Honda/6.5 HP
Pump Type Diaphragm
Flow Rate 9.6 GPM
Pressure (PSI) 580
Hose Length 100′
Spray Distance (Vertical) 42′
Spray Distance (Horizontal) 35′
Dry Weight 250 Lbs.

Clean Boss Pro Disinfectant Sprayer Features

    Unlike regular thin-wall plastic tanks, this disinfecting tank is cooked and cooled at an even rate. The raw material is bonded together to make this tank virtually indestructible.
    Monitor the amount of chemicals in the storage tank. Exact measurements can be taken with the easy-read calibration marks.
    Use a lever to choose between a mist, fan or jet spray pattern. This spray gun creates a swirling motion to allow the droplets to cover the entire object – on top and underneath.
    A flexible, easy-wind poly hose reel will flex before it breaks.
    This built-in fresh water tank can flush out all plumbing lines to avoid mixing spray chemical.
  • RUST-ARMOUR™ 304 Stainless Steel Frame
    No rust or corrosion. This guarantees years of unmatched service.
    The sloped tank base channels every ounce of chemical to the drain. Just where it should go.
    The frame’s built in fork pockets makes the entire unit a breeze to lift and load.

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