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Oil Storage Tanks

Service Centers, Quick Lube Shops and Fleet Operations use Oil Storage Tanks for Bulk Automotive Oils, Lubricants and Other Motor Fluids including Hydraulic Fluids, ATF, Antifreeze and DEF

Oil Storage Tanks for Automotive Use

Fluidall’s multi-fluid and oil storage solutions are backed by our combined three decades of reputable industry experience. Our space-efficient fluid storage and handling solution are configured so that you can add bulk oil storage to your service center, and can be configured with SPCC secondary containment, pump packages, filtration and more. Our oil storage tanks and fluid handling systems are designed meet your fluid capacities, storage area and fluid dispensing specifications.

Benefits of Refillable Plastic Oil Storage Tanks

  • Purchase Fluids in Bulk: Reduce Expenses & Waste
    Eliminate packaged goods & drums: a one-time investment stores multiple Class IIIB fluids in one small footprint.
  • drums

  • Eliminate the Hassles of 55 Gallon Drums
    -Messy Clutter-
    -Unused Product
    -Contamination from Outdoor Container Storage
  • -Potential Injury and Workers Comp Claims from Moving Awkward Drums

  • Optimize Shop Space with Space-Saving Stackable Storage
    If you are expanding the number of service bays or moving away from drums or packaged goods, Fluidall’s cost-effective storage solutions will meets your oil and fluid capacities, available storage area and fluid dispensing specifications.

Stackable Oil Storage Tanks

Space-Saving Multi Fluid and Oil Storage Tanks

  • Purchase Oils and Fluids in Bulk
  • Optimize Shop Space
  • Elimiate the Hassles of 55 Gallon Drums
  • SPCC Compliant with Secondary Containment
  • Dispense with Gravity Feed or Pump


Portable Oil Storage Tanks

Portable Oil Storage Tanks

  • Mobile Oils and Fluids to Point-Of-Use Dispense
  • Multi-Fluid Skids with Forklift Bases and/or Casters
  • Convert Fixed Platforms with Caster Wheels
  • Gravity Feed or Pump Package


Double Wall Oil Storage Tank

Double Wall Oil Storage Tank

  • Up to 400 Gallon Bulk Oil Storage
  • Inner Polyethylene Tank and Outer Galvanized Steel Tank
  • SPCC Compliant with Built-In Secondary Containment
  • Portable with Fork Pockets or Caster Wheels
  • Heavy-Duty Graco Pump Packages


Portable DEF Tank

Complete DEF Solutions

  • Refillable from Bulk Storage Tanks
  • Transport DEF Easily In-the-Field
  • 120 Gallon Complete Storage and Dispense
  • Completely Closed, Sealed and Secure
  • Select DEF Pump Package


Fluidall is an industry leader, providing reliable, clean, safe and efficient oil and fluid management solutions for use in the automotive industry. Each fluid storage tank solution is specifically configured to meet all of your fluid handling needs. Our space-saving oil storage tanks can be configured with SPCC compliant secondary containment, pump packages, metering, brackets, filtration, and more.

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