Oil Jobber Packages

Fluidall’s Cost Effective Storage and Dispense can easily be Reconditioned for Redistribution.

This Retail Oil Storage Package Holds Up To 330 Gallons.

Oil Jobber Tank Packages180 Gallon Retail Oil Storage Package with Containment180 Gallon Oil Jobber Tank Package240 Gallon Oil Jobber Tank with Containment240 Gallon Retail Oil Storage Package330Gallon Oil Jobber Tank with Containment330 Gallon Oil Jobber Tank Package

Fluidall’s world-class fluid storage and handling solutions make a positive impact for our oil jobber partners. Our cost-effective Oil Jobber Packages store and dispense bulk fluids in a way that maximizes the efficiency of lubrication management and allows for bulk oil delivery, resulting in both increased profits for wholesale operations and reduced fluid expenses for customer operations.

Fluidall’s Retail Oil Storage Packages are easily reconditioned for redistribution. Their compact 44 inch square footprints store 180, 240 or up to 330 gallons of bulk lubricants. Mounted to the top of the system’s polyethylene Tote-A-Lube tank is a steel plate that secures a fifty foot hose reel and electronic preset dispense gun. A durable pneumatic pump is secured in the 2 inch tank opening.

Our featured oil storage package is outfitted with a fully welded, forklift ready steel cage that allows space for a fluid identification placard. Packages can also be configured with a heavy duty steel secondary containment vessel, in place of the steel cage. Fluidall’s steel containment vessels comply with the EPA’s SPCC regulations.

These systems arrive fully assembled and are ready for placement at your customer’s location. Our Oil Jobber packages store and handle virtually all bulk automotive fluids for a wide range of vehicle and heavy equipment servicing. Contact Fluidall today to learn more about our retail oil storage package.

Retail Oil Storage Package Specifications for 180, 240 and 330 Gallon Tote-A-Lube Tanks
Systems Include: Fully Welded Steel Cage, Placard for Identification Labels, and Dispense Package (3:1 Pump, Reel w/50’ Hose, Electronic Preset Gun). Delivered Fully Assembled and Ready to Fill.

ModelGallon SizeSystem DimensionsSystem HeightContainment Vessel
JT180SDP18044"W x "D56"Steel Vessel available with all models.
JT240SDP24044"W x "D66"
JT330SDP33044"W x "D80"