Gravity Feed System Assembly Instructions

Watch 3 Tank Gravity Feed Assembly

Download 2 Tank Gravity Feed Assembly Instructions

2 Tank Gravity Feed Assembly
2 Tank Gravity Feed Assembly for ULC Canada


  • Stackable Tanks
  • Steel 24″H Stand
  • Drip Tray Assembly
  • Gravity Feed Kit (Valves and Fittings)
    (1) – 1” 90° Male Barb (PF90)
    (1) – 1” Stub Barb (PFSB)
    (2) – Hose Clamps (PHC1)
    (1) – 1”D Plastic Tubing (PTFT)
    (2) – Dispensing Valves (SR1)
    (1) – 90° Steel Elbow (EBM)
    (1) – Tube of Threading Sealant (REC5)

Tools Needed

  • Flat-head Screwdriver
  • Pipe Wrench
  • 9/16” Wrench

Tank Assembly Step 1
Step 1
Invert stand on concrete base with elbow mount holes to front. Hand tighten 4 legs into couplings, then torque 1/2 to 1 full turn with pipe wrench. The stand can be levelled by adjusting leg heights.

Tank Assembly Step 2
Step 2
Before setting stand right side up, slide drip tray frame down front legs: tighten set screw to hold in place. Place in prepared location, (containment vessel). Adjust drip tray to desired height; tighten. Insert drip trays in frame.

Tank Assembly Step 3b
Step 3
Stack one tank on top of assembled stand with bulkhead and fill port facing outward. Align front of tank with front edge of stand (front edge has pre-drilled holes). Stack top tank and secure placement onto bottom tank’s groves.

Tank Assembly Step 4
Step 4
Bolt elbow to the stand’s centermost
pre-drilled holes.

NOTE: If assembling a Wall-Stacker System, place the wall straps over the top and front of the tank(s). Bolt to bottom of the wall straps to the tank’s stand prior to bolting the elbow into place. The top of the wall straps can later be bolted to the wall once the entire system is assembled and positioned in place.

Tank Assembly Step 5aTank Assembly Step 5bTank Assembly Step 5c
Step 5
Apply thread sealant to:
A) Stud barb. Hand-tighten into top of elbow.
B) Dispense valve (for top tank). Hand-tighten into front of elbow (on stand).
C) Dispense valve (for bottom tank). Hand-tighten into bottom tank bulkhead.

Tank Assembly Step 6
Step 6
Apply thread sealant to 90° barb and hand tighten into top tank bulkhead fitting. Torque 1/2 to 1 full turn with wrench until facing five o’clock position.

Tank Assembly Step 7aTank Assembly Step 7bTank Assembly Step 7c
Step 7
Cut tubing to length, if needed. Place a clamp on each end. Using a screwdriver, secure tubing onto upper tank’s 90° barb and the other end onto stud barb. Thats It. Now your Tote-A-Lube storage system is fully assembled and ready to use!


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