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Thank You For Your Interest in Becoming a Distributor of Fluidall’s World Class Fluid Storage Solutions

Fluidall is one of the most innovative fluid storage manufacturer in North America, and we are looking for partners who share our passion of unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication. Our goal of expanding our distributor network, spanning agricultural, industrial and automotive markets across the U.S. and Canada, can only happen with the right partners. If you’ve got what it takes, we invite you to become part of the next chapter of our story over 20 years in the making.

Contact Fluidall Headquarters for additional information about becoming a distributor for our exclusive product lines.
860 Johnson Drive
Delano, MN 55328
Toll Free: 800-849-0591
Local: 763-972-7400
Fax: 763-972-7401

Thank you once again for your interest in Fluidall’s World Class Fluid Storage Solutions!

Why Fluidall?

Fluidall is the most innovative and fastest growing fluid storage solution manufacturer in North America. By providing the best fluid storage solution that maximizes functionality in a user-friendly manner, distributors and consumers alike have trusted Fluidall for their fluid storage needs for nearly 20 years. No other tank manufacturer offers the value that Fluidall offers its customers. However, having a great product is only part of the equation. Providing exceptional customer service and creating genuine partnerships with our distributors is the true secret to our success and continued growth. In addition to manufacturing storage tanks with exceptional quality and premium features, Fluidall can offer your dealership intangibles that truly separate Fluidall from the competition. Some of the advantages of being an authorized distributor for Fluidall include:

Brand Name Recognition – Fluidall’s Tote-A-Lube storage tanks are seen on in service centers, quick lube shops, fleet operation, dealers and distributors all over North America. Coupled with our national advertising campaigns, no storage tank brand is more widely recognized or more widely trusted.

Diverse Product Line – From our trusted Tote-A-Lube tanks to bulk DEF dispensing solutions to value-built double wall tank solutions, Fluidall offers a drivers selection of storage solutions for consumers.

Large On-Hand Inventory – Fluidall has more storage tanks and system accessories at our headquarters available to our distributors than any other tank manufacturer in North America.

Stability – Fluidall is a successful industry leader and has the assets and leadership to continue to provide the best product line.

Confidence – Our distributors can be confident when selling a Fluidall tank because of our excellent limited lifetime tank warranty.

Support – Our distributor support services are unmatched in the industry. Personal relationships are made with each distributor to assure personalized customer service.

Fast Shipping – Armed with our industry leading dispatch team, Fluidall can ship individual tanks and complete fluid storage solutions quickly and safely.

Characteristics of Successful Fluidall Distributors

Successful distributors come in many shapes and sizes and can be located in a variety of markets. Below are a few key characteristics that set apart successful distributors from their less successful counterparts.

  • On-Hand Inventory with a Depth and Variety of Fluid Storage Solutions That Fit the Needs of the Market
  • Professional Service/Repair Center
  • Complete Storage Solution System or Mini-Display in Showroom
  • Motivated and Knowledgeable Sales Staff
  • Understanding of Local Competitive Atmosphere

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum amount of inventory required to become a Fluidall Distributor?
No, initial inventory amounts are not required to become a distributor. However, Fluidall’s stocking distributors will benefit from lower shipping and handling costs.

How large of a territory/sales area will I have if I become a Distributor?
Sales areas are determined on an individual basis and are strongly influenced by a number of factors. Some factors that help determine a sales are include: market size, population density, market demographics, distributor’s location and facilities, distributor’s product exclusivity and a distributor’s regular stocking inventory levels.

What would be my freight costs for a load of tanks?
Freight is charged on a per-loaded-mile basis. Typically, freight rates charged by Fluidall are much lower than market value as Fluidall regularly subsidizes freight to their distributors, ensuring speedy and cost-effective deliveries.

Do I need any equipment to unload trailers when they are shipped to me?
Distributor use a variety of methods to unload trailers. A most economical method is with a forklift.

How long does it typically take to order tanks and complete fluid storage systems from Fluidall?
Fluidall maintains a large inventory at our Delano, MN Headquarters. This means that Fluidall can ship most fluid storage configurations to your dealership faster than most manufacturers. Special orders and custom storage systems are also available. However, lead times for specialty products are usually longer than regular in-stock models.

Can Fluidall help me with marketing?
Fluidall offers its distributors more marketing support than any other fluid storage and handling manufacturer. As a Fluidall distributor, you will have access to many marketing services ranging from custom print ads to a fully integrated digital marketing strategy.


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