Fluid Storage Solutions with Stackable Poly Tanks

Backed by a Combined Three Decades of Reputable Industry Experience and Lifetime Warranty, Our SPCC Compliant Poly Tank Solutions Provide Reliable, Clean, Safe and Efficient Fluid Control.

Polyethylene Storage Tanks
Fluidall offers complete, reliable and cost-effective fluid storage solutions. Our poly tanks are available in both fixed and portable platforms and can be configured with gravity feed or pump packages. In addition, we offer a wide-range of add-on features including secondary containment vessels, filtration, and pump systems, creating more flexible solutions for in-shop and in-field, including:

Fluidall’s Poly Tank Benefits

  • Optimize valuable space: Our team can help you design a cost-effective and space-efficient poly tank storage system that meets your fluid capacities, available storage area and fluid dispensing specifications. Our systems eliminate the problematic hassles created by 55 gallon drums.
  • Eliminate the hassles associated with 55 gallon drums. Our stackable poly tanks get rid of the messy clutter from drum storage and potential contamination from outdoor drum storage. Our poly tanks do not leave unused product as ‘empty drums’ do.
  • Buy fluids in bulk to reduce your total fluid expenses. A one-time investment in Fluidall’s poly tanks will continue to store multiple Class IIIB fluids, such as oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, ATF, antifreeze, fertilizer, pesticides, additives, DEF and many other fluids.
  • Easily move fluids throughout your shop or farmstead. Convert stationary poly tanks into portable storage solutions with casters to point-of-use dispense. Simply roll the system to the service area.
  • Ensure compliance with EPA guidelines. Primary poly tanks combined with secondary containment vessels (in steel, poly and aluminum) meet the latest SPCC plan regulations.

Popular Poly Tanks – Systems and Solutions

Stackable Poly Tanks

Stackable Poly Tanks

• Store Multi-Fluids | Oil
• ULC Listed Poly Tanks
• Easy Fill Tank Design
• Stationary | Portable

Portable Poly Tanks

Portable Poly Tanks

• Ideal Mobile Solutions
• Service Remote Areas
• Fork Skids or Casters
• Add Pump Packages

Double Wall Tanks

Double Wall Tanks

• UL SU2258 Standards
• 110% Containment
• Galv. Steel Outer Tank
• Inner Poly Tank

DEF Poly Tanks

DEF Poly Tanks

• Large Bulk Storage
• Mobile DEF Dispense
• DEF Pump Packages
• Refill In-Shop/Field

Fluidall’s patented Tote-A-Lube (ULC Listed) and Wall-Stacker stackable poly tank design continues to reduce labor expenses, maximize floor space and provide safe and efficient storage in the agriculture, transportation, chemical and industrial markets; for dealers, producers, distributors and their customers. These poly tanks are stackable, storing multiple oils and fluids in just one footprint.

Portable poly tanks are ideal mobile solutions to transport oil, hydraulics or other industrial fluids to remote service areas. Our portable tank systems are configured on forklift skids or with casters and can be equipped with pumps and hose reels, even with filtration, to cleanly and conveniently dispense oil, hydraulic fluids, DEF and other fluids.

New for 2014 are double wall tanks, which meet UL SU2258 standards. Rust resistant, they are designed to prevent spills, leaks and fires. The galvanized steel outer tank layer can contain up to 110% of the capacity of the inner seamless polyethylene tank for maximum protection.

Complete DEF tank packages include bulk DEF storage with portable dispense that transport easily for refills in-shop, in-field and on-the-road.

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Oil Storage Tanks for Automotive Use

Automotive Poly Tanks for Oil Storage

Fluidall’s SPCC Compliant poly tanks are a space-efficient fluid and oil storage for your service center. Benefit with added caster wheels to service multiple bays with just one poly tank configuration.

Agricultural Poly Tanks

Agricultural Fluid Poly Tanks

Our space-saving stackable storage tanks provide reliable, clean, safe and efficient storage solutions for agricultural fluid applications. Configure the tanks with SPCC compliant secondary containment, pump packages, metering, brackets, filtration, and more to meet all of your fluid handling needs.

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